Weight Loss Treatment

There are many factors involved in weight gain. The foods we eat, our hormones, stress, and activity level are all intimately involved in the way our body stores fat. A highly successful weight loss plan needs to involve recognition of all these.

Many hormones play key roles in our body’s metabolism and weight gain. When the body becomes out of balance these hormones may become deficient or in excess (as can be the case with insulin) and lead to weight gain and other chronic disease and illness. 

By performing an in depth assessment of your body’s hormonal system Revital Health Clinics can identify areas of concern. When appropriate, many of these hormones can then be replaced and optimized to healthy levels. 

For best results diet (i.e. the foods we eat regularly) has to be addressed as well. Our excess of unhealthy carbohydrates has contributed to the obesity epidemic in a major way. In most cases insulin is the major player in this game and has to be addressed. Diet changes, medications (including but not limited to bio-identical hormones), and exercise can help return your body to a healthy weight and metabolism.

By optimizing hormones and gaining a better understanding of our diets effect on weight gain we can start to shed the fat and become healthier and happier.  

Let Revital Health Clinics get you on the right track to living and feeling better. 

Treatment often includes:

  • Bio-identical hormone replacement/optimization (replaced through oral meds, creams/gels, and/or injections)
  • Appetite suppression medication
  • insulin sensitization/reduction therapies (through hormone replacement, various medications, diet and exercise)
  • nutritional testing to identify deficiencies/insufficiencies and then optimization (through injections, oral supplements, and/or “real foods”)
  • exercise recommendations (concepts around resistance and cardio training to help patient understand the benefits to each and the how much, when, and whys)
  • Food science 101: learning about foods effect on weight gain. Maybe the most important information we teach. Basic, but very valuable, concepts around our obesity epidemic in the U.S. and how food or “food-like substances” have become public enemy #1.

The focus of treatment is to return the person’s body to an optimal state hormonally and nutritionally where a healthy body (healthy weight & metabolism) and mind (good mood, energy, focus) can be achieved much more easily due to limited interference. 

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