Hypothyroid (low Thyroid)

Thyroid Assessment/
Replacement Therapy

Thyroid Evaluation/Assessment

Proper evaluation of hypothyroid (i.e. low thyroid hormone or receptor site resistance) requires a provider well versed in the complexities of the thyroid gland, it’s hormones, and their effects on the body. Understanding the best tests to order for assessment, as well as interpretation of those tests, can be of paramount importance.

Proper evaluation and monitoring requires more than the typical TSH test. When a low thyroid condition is discovered, consideration of potential causative factors may be just as important as the treatment. Furthermore, successful treatment may require more than just the typical Synthroid (T4 aka levothyroxine) medication. Lastly, if thyroid hormone replacement is the best course of action for the patient, then optimization of the thyroid hormones should be the goal. Our belief is that if we are going to replace the hormone then it should be replaced to optimal. Remember, for the vast majority of adults over 30 “normal” does not equal “optimal”, nor healthy.

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