Low T treatment

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (Low T Treatment)

Evaluation of low testosterone and treatment needs clinician experience and know-how. A simple “total testosterone” test will often miss the guy who may be struggling with “Low T”.
Low testosterone may cause signs & symptoms such as:

Option 1

is injection therapy: testosterone injections are given every week , 10 days, or 2 weeks in order to achieve optimal testosterone levels.

Option 2

is topical testosterone therapy: Testosterone cream or gel is applied every morning to skin. 

While we generally prefer the injection method of testosterone replacement, in some cases topical therapy can be just as effective. Pro’s and con’s of each method can be reviewed with the patient to help us determine which is the best fit.
So if you or a loved one has been experiencing any of the above signs or symptoms then contact Revital Health Clinics today to set up an appointment.