Primary Care Services

Primary Care Services

Revital Health Clinics offers basic primary care services. These services are limited and include the following:
* This list is not exhaustive and we advise that you call and inquire about whether or not we treat your particular problem.

There are some conditions that we are not well equipped to handle and so we do not treat. These include acute or chronic pain, some types of musculoskeletal complaints, and ADHD. **We do not write prescriptions for opioid pain meds, ADHD stimulant meds, nor benzodiazepine medications. There can be benefit and utility for patients using those types of medications when appropriate. In cases where already established patients appear to have a need for those medications our policy is to refer to specialists.

We do however attempt to resolve or improve upon those patients who are anxious or in pain through other means of treatment (prescription med and others) that in many cases may have a more lasting and significant impact.

For instance, when musculoskeletal pain, low mood, inattention, or anxiety may be symptoms of an underlying hormone imbalance, nutritional imbalance, stressor imbalance, or all of the above, treatment of the root cause may resolve or significantly improve the symptoms.


“Members” of Revital Health Clinics primary care program are entitled to certain services under our membership agreement.

The “Primary Care” membership offers: