Upfront Pricing

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) Or Other HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy)

For Patients using insurance TRT/HRT pricing is as follows:

New Patient Assessment/initial visit: ranging from 20$ up to 160$ (depending on insurance benefits* and complexity of visit). Call or message us to find out pricing through your insurance

– After the initial assessment most FOLLOW UP VISITS will cost on average 20$ – 100$ per visit (depending on insurance benefits*).

Feel free to call or message us to find out your insurance benefits and expected pricing. We will need your insurance card info and date of birth in order to determine. 

* Insurance pricing is subject to the patient’s particular insurance benefits. A rough estimate of pricing can be given to patients who call or send us their insurance information. We may need up to 24 hours in order to estimate your visit pricing. Much of the cost will depend on the type of visit and if labs will be needed. We will do our best to give you an accurate estimate but please understand an estimate is not an exact price and may be subject to error. An exact price may require processing of the claim by your insurance company and then billing by our billing department for any remaining amounts due OR a credit to you if over-payment was made at time of service.

Membership- (self pay pricing for those not using insurance) for TRT or HRT is as follows:

New patient pricing is as follows (new patients are typically considered those in the first 12 months of therapy):

Monthly membership= 195$/mth (covers 30 days of TRT/HRT, no hidden fees. Price covers labs, office visits, testosterone medication) *Primary care services available at no additional charge
      -Military/police/firefighter discounts available- call or message us for details

For Stable Patients who are approved for “at home therapy” membership pricing is as follows: (Stable patients are typically considered those persons on therapy greater than 12 mths under our management and with stable clinical response and lab work)

          –$175 per month for “stable patients”. Once the patient has shown a positive response to therapy and is deemed stable on their current treatment plan the monthly price drops down to 175.00 per month

Primary care services

Using insurance: office visits vary in price according to the patient’s individual insurance plan benefits.

Self-pay (not using insurance): Office visit = 95$

Primary care membership plan: (does not include HRT services such as testosterone replacement) 100$ per month – covers same day visits, basic primary care services, direct and speedy access to your medical provider, and phone or video consults in cases where face to face visits are not necessary. *see services tab for membership details