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Revital Health and Wellness Clinics is the premier men’s and women’s health clinic focused on creating health and preventing disease through the optimization of bio-identical hormones (such as testosterone, thyroid, estrogen, etc.), improved diet, and exercise.

For too long the “sick care” system of healthcare has failed us. Advancements in modern medicine and sanitation practices over the past 150 years have drastically increased how long we live. Current threats to our health and happiness are now chronic conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, obesity, etc. Many experts would argue that most, if not all, of these chronic health conditions are metabolic in nature. Meaning that a deranged metabolism is either partly or mostly to blame for many of these chronic conditions we face today.


As healthcare providers we need to move away from our traditional “reactive medicine” (i.e. sick care) approach and become more “proactive” (i.e. real health-care) in our efforts to bring about and maintain health.

This “proactive” approach requires a focus on prevention and optimization of health. We can do this through diagnosis of hormone deficiencies/insufficiencies (like Low T- low testosterone, thyroid, estrogen, progesterone, etc.), then consideration of hormone replacement and optimization.

Optimization/replacement of bio-identical hormones can improve health and reduce risk of disease. It is the foundation of our approach to preventative medicine. Additionally, we need healthier foods, exercise, good sleep, and minimization of environmental toxins (stress included).

Revital Health Clinics also believes that conventional medicine and functional/wellness medicine can co-exist in the same practice. Conventional medical practices certainly have their place and should be utilized when appropriate. Management of conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, and sleep apnea with conventional medicines and therapies should not be discounted and when benefits outweigh risks these treatment methods should be recommended to patients.


Away from sick-care, towards true health-care.

Through hormone optimization and healthy lifestyle practices


  • Done right. Impressive services!

    Very much appreciate the time taken. very knowledgable as well. 


    Done right. Impressive services!
    Dennis King
    Landmark Corporation
  • Professional service and competitively priced

    Great service and affordable.  Called to find out pricing details and was pleasantly surprised. 

    Professional service and competitively priced
    Robert Gill
    Vice President
    Wheel Spain Ltd
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    Great attention to detail. Excited about treatment. 

    Mark Jacobs
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