Covid 19 updates

Covid 19 Updates

Covid 19 update

Revital Health and Wellness Clinics hopes this message finds you well. We would like to send out some information regarding the Covid19 pandemic and how we plan to operate during this pandemic.

Many businesses, especially medical offices, are trying to find the best balance between providing services for their customers/patients while also being safe and not putting staff or patients at unnecessary risks.
Because our clinic is less of a primary care/urgent care office and more “wellness” we do not see the normal influx of sick people during this part of the year. This greatly reduces our risk of spreading viruses of any kind , including Covid-19
Even with this in mind we have decided on the following to be safe:

– until further notice we will be open for business 
– if you are sick, feel sick, or have been around someone ill within the past 7-10 days please stay at home and contact us over the phone for guidance
– we will not be doing any testing for Covid-19 at our office. We don’t have the appropriate protective equipment to safely deal with a potential Cov19 infection
– those patients 60 years and older or at “high risk” we highly recommend you stay at home and utilize tele-health* options for your visit with us
– if you are in regular contact with someone older than 60 years of age or at “high risk” we highly recommend you stay at home and utilize telehealth options for your visit with us
– For those less than 60 years old we suggest you consider tele-health visits. You will need high speed internet and/or phone service. For those taking injections this would involve giving your self an injection at home. We would either call in a prescription to your local pharmacy or you can stop by to pick up a pre-filled syringe
– for those who choose to come into the office for their visit as usual we will be implementing extra precautions to prevent the potential spread of Covid19 , this will also help prevent the spread of other flu viruses as well

Extra safety precautions outlined below:
– social distancing of 6 feet will be recommended. Masks recommended. If more than 3 patients in the waiting room we will ask you to either wait in an exam room OR if we have met our capacity we will ask that patients wait in their car until a room is available.
– areas will be disinfected with wipes and spray and left vacant for at least 5 minutes prior to being used again. This may delay your visit by an extra 5-10 minutes
– staff will be washing and utilizing hand sanitizer more frequently than before and certainly between patient encounters

* For those using insurance for their treatment with us- Tele-health services means seeing their health care provider over the phone or internet instead of coming into the office. Beginning mid-March Blue Cross Blue Shield and other insurance providers began to expand access to tele-health services, meaning that you could have your visit with us over a tele-health platform; we use Spruce. For now you can expect your normal payment, which you will make over the phone. The tele-health rules prior to this outbreak were much more strict and would only allow certain scenarios where tele-health was covered, if at all.

Last thoughts: While we don’t want to be cavalier about this pandemic we would like to remind people of the best numbers we have available currently. The case fatality rate (CFR) is currently around 3.7% for the total population.[*stat from 7/21/20] (Much higher rate than the common flu.) Though when looking at case fatality rates it’s often more informative to look at the rate in terms of age groups. 

The current numbers continue to show that those most at risk are 65 years and older and those who are already “immune compromised” due to other current health conditions. But to be clear younger adults (20-50 yrs old) are at some risk, albeit much lower, with some estimates ranging on the low end to approximate the same CFR from the common flu virus (0.1 to 0.2% of those infected) upwards of 2% for those in their 40’s.

One major concern from the healthcare community is not having enough ICU beds and supplies to care for a large influx of sick people. We are not going to stop the spread but we can slow it down enough so that we are able to deal with sick people as they come.
So lets be safe and slow down the spread.