Services Offered

Services we offer


Testosterone Replacement Therapy: diagnosis, management and optimization of testosterone therapy.  Modes of replacement therapy include injections and topical.  Therapy tailored to patient needs to achieve best results possible.

Thyroid Assessment and Treatment : clinical and laboratory evaluation of thyroid hormones and function. Treatment plans vary based upon individual assessment. Focus is on under-active thyroid (hypothyroid). 

50$ Testosterone Testing:  a “quick check” of your testosterone levels.  Two tests – total testosterone and free testosterone. No insurance involved. These simple blood tests can help us determine if “Low T” is something we need to consider further. 

Optimal Health Assessments:  “not your average physical”  Purpose of the optimal health check is to assess patient’s overall health status with focus on hormones such as testosterone and thyroid. Next, and most importantly, recommendations are made in attempt to improve health and prevent problems before they occur. Individualized work-up to include review of history, physical exam, and diagnostic testing; may include blood testing, urine, and/or saliva. Lab findings and recommendations reviewed afterwards with patient over phone or in person. 
Women’s Hormone Replacement evaluation and treatment:  NEWS FLASH- women are more complicated than men when it comes to their hormones. Thus more lab testing and time spent with the patient are often needed to achieve best results. Through a detailed review of complaints, physical exam, and lab testing (to include hormones and nutrition status) we can gain a better understanding of your overall health status and what treatment plan may be best for you. 
Men’s ED Treatment: assessment and review of treatment options for erectile dysfunction. Available treatment options include oral medications (like Viagra, Cialis, etc) and now offering Z-wave therapy– one of the newest innovations in treatment of erectile dysfunction. 
Fatigue Work-up:  an evaluation to help uncover causes or contributing factors to chronic fatigue. Focus on hormone (testosterone, thyroid, adrenal, etc.) and nutrition deficiencies. Assessment to include thorough review of history, physical exam, and lab work (i.e.  blood, saliva, and/or urine testing)
Adrenal Evaluation: often part of the “fatigue work-up”. The adrenal glands are two of the most important, and often overlooked, glands in the body that can have a major impact on health and mood. They make hormones that we can not live without (e.g. cortisol). Hence, deviations in how well these glands function can alter both health and mood. Testing can include saliva, urine, and/or blood. 
HCG and Clomid therapy:  common alternatives to TRT (testosterone replacement therapy).  Each offers a way to increase testosterone levels without impairment of fertility. Both methods stimulate the testicles to produce more testosterone. HCG typically requires subq injections every other day. Clomid requires taking a pill every day or every other day. Risks/benefits of each method will be reviewed. 
Weight loss: achieved through hormone optimization and advanced diet and exercise protocols. Call or stop in for details. 



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